The social media landscape in China can look confusing. There are many types of channels, many brands and many choices.

And it changes quickly with new brands being launched and increased functionality of existing brands.

In developing your strategy, we can help you

  • Understand the market and the key players
  • Assess your needs, the access to your product and the resources you can dedicate
  • Select the foundation channels and partners
  • Establish benchmarks and content calendars
  • Establish response mechanisms
  • Populate your channel in language
  • Respond to comments and inquiry
  • Measure against set goals

Spotlight on Microblogging – Weibo

The internet has given Chinese consumers a voice, and microblogging is one of the most popular activities in the digital space. Weibo is like a digital PR tool for you to spread your message. Weibo users happily engage with companies that offer them value. They particularly like promotions and are willing to repost a company’s message if they think it offers value.

But they are not just opinion givers, they are opinion seekers too. They like the transparency and the immediacy of feedback in this platform and as such use it to seek opinion on products and services that they are considering.

You need to be consistent with your activity, and the easiest way to do this is to implement a content strategy (messaging, regularity, offers) and set up a content calendar. We can assist with this if required.


Spotlight on Social Networking – WeChat (or Weixin in China)

WeChat has positioned itself as a service tool as well as an active marketing channel. With a WeChat account established, you can start building a following. Chinese netizens are willing to invite brands into their circle and interact with them. Patience is needed to acquire fans but they can become powerful brand advocates.

Again, your presence needs to be consistent and you need to interact with your community, not just push your messages. We believe the best way to leverage the channels is to establish a content plan and a strategy for posting and responding.