pie chartLike the western markets, there are many search engines operating, but without doubt, Baidu is the search giant in China. The market is in its usual state of flux with new competitors launching and mergers of smaller players to form larger ones. But with Baidu commanding the majority of market share, and around 10 billion travel related queries per month, the others are somewhat unnecessary for your first step into China.

Because of the different algorithms and crawling strategies, the Chinese web users have a different approach to search, with a preference for paid search results, rather than organic. We recommend starting with search marketing rather than search optimisation to give your website a reasonable foothold in the market.

We have a specific and disciplined approach to search to secure the best value from your search strategy. We conduct audits on you, your competitors and your key words, agree budgets, timelines and bid levels, then go ahead and test and refine. We make it sound easy, but we just know the tricks of the trade.