Jeff Sharp
Jeff is a Director of China Digital and is responsible for the client relationship. He believes that while the traditional travel agent / wholesaler distribution channels have their place, the best way to access the Chinese consumer (and make money) is to take your message direct.

He has over 30 years experience in the Tourism industry and has worked in senior management roles for major tourism organisations including Accor Asia Pacific, Australian Pacific Tours, AAT Kings Tours and Great Southern Railway. Drawing on his extensive sales and marketing experience, Jeff manages the client relationships, customer experience and content development roles in the business. He has over 20 years experience in International Marketing for large (and small) Australian tourism organisations. Jeff is a highly regarded communicator that can do the near impossible – demystify the China market for your tourism organisation!

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Annette Sharp
Annette is the Head of Strategy and Research. Having worked in Cultural and digital marketing for 25 years, she believes China is the most fertile opportunity for the Australian tourism industry in decades. Her 25 year background in media, multi-cultural marketing, research and digital technology brings a consumer-centric focus to the agency.

She has worked for major Australian media and advertising agency groups, at one stage heading up the multicultural division of the Master Media Agency for the Victorian State Government. Annette’s knowledge of the Chinese FIT market and their love of technology during travel has formed the foundation of many presentations, panels and workshops relating to the China market.

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